Encouraging Entrepreneurship (E2)


C4Y’s E2 programme encourages young people to become entrepreneurs instead of employees by training them in traditional and modern skills and knowledge. Such entrepreneurship will also help to halt the problem of youth migrating to cities in search of jobs. It does this by:

  • Strengthening the capacity and desire of youth to start their own enterprises and to develop an entrepreneurial culture in the society
  • Enhancing social enterprising avenues for youth in traditional and contemporary knowledge, skills and areas using ICT and IT

Flagship Projects :

  • Project 1 – E2

    Together with our partners, C4Y launched the ECO Grants programme providing mentorship and up to 5 lakhs each to ten youth groups. ECO Grants not only supplied the crucial funding for the research and...
  • Project 2 – E2

    Three Change-makers were selected for a grant. They had visualised, experienced and lived their ideas and the grant was to enable them to take it to the next step. Our programme provided handholding and...

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