Coronavirus Relief Fund


Funds for Poor and vulnerable… because we care

In response to this critical Coronavirus situation, C4Y in collaboration with Ennovate Global (EG) is initiating a Coronavirus Relief Fund. This initiative is an urgent appeal to Corporates, Employees, CSR funds, Individuals and Organisations to provide financial support to the fund and enable us to respond to the urgent requirements right now, as Coronavirus pandemic, unprecedented health emergency and country-wide lockdown is a great matter of concern for Centre for Youth (C4Y).

COVID-19 pandemic has hit us and is spreading in India. In the interest to limit the spread of the virus the country has gone into nation-wide lockdown. This crisis threatens everyone’s way of life, but it is especially difficult for people who are already vulnerable, individuals experiencing homelessness, migrants, wage workers, and those with inflexible jobs.

The main problem for poor and vulnerable households today is money stress. Every day’s loss of work for them means cutting down even basic needs and going deeper into debt. Free grain or food can help, but does not address the real crisis, which is of money. They need cash to buy essential things other than just food for their families.

The corona pandemic marks an unprecedented time in modern history that will require the best of humanity to overcome. Your donation to this fund will support immediate relief and recovery in vulnerable communities who are on the front lines of the crisis during one of the most challenging times we have collectively faced. The number of beneficiary families that will be supported through this endeavour will be according to C4Y Coronavirus Relief Fund size and it will be a recurring process till the immediate corona outbreak situation improves. Further as the situation evolves, the fund will transition to support longer-term recovery and rehabilitation efforts by C4Y.

Partners & Donors

We thank you our contributors for their trust and support!
The updates will be available shortly.

Beneficiary Families

Here the details of the beneficiary families, their main occupation and their address and location will be available here shortly.

Reach & Impact

The C4Y Coronavirus Relief Fund Size, donors details, number of donors and beneficiary families will be available here shortly.

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